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COC Base TH 8- War- Defense- Anti Hog- Anti Dragon- Anti GoWipe

Hello everyone here we are back with another list of Base th 8, which includes best Th8 base for war, farming, defense and trophy base of 2017, which are very powerful and strongest especially in a clan war of clash of clan (COC). In our previous posts, we have listed many war bases and maps of starting levels separately. Today we will provide you a post which provides all the TH8 war base’s so that you can view everything closely and choose accordingly to your strategy.

From my point of view, Town hall 8 is the best place because here a lot of new troops and new buildings get unlocked such as Golem, Pekka, Dragon level 3 and Dark Spell factory. If you want protection from the enemy for your bases and troops or you want most powerful or strongest base from gowipe, gohog, dragon and 3 star bases than you have come in the correct place.

Here we have given a list on Anti Gowipe, Anti GoHog, Anti Hogs, Anti-Dragon and Anti 3 star base. You can choose the one you like and use it on your base. Also let us know which worked out best for you.

Best TH8 War Base Layout’s 2017

Best Defense Town Hall 8 War Base

Best Defense Town Hall 8 War Base


TH8 war base

best th 8 war base

Best TH 8 War Base

th8 war base anti dragons

TH8 War Base Anti Dragons

th8 war base anti gowipe

TH8 War Base Anti GoWipe

TH8 Anti Gowipe War Base

Gowipe is a combination of powerful troops, and it is also bit expensive. GoWiPe consist of Golem, Wizards, Pekka, Wall Breakers and some archers. The most important strategy of GoWipe is funneling. If the opponent fails to funnel the troops in the interior of the base then you can surely win the defense. GoWiPe is all about funneling and making wizard, Pekka, Golems.

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You have to make a packed base that means it should be wide spread base by extreme wall protection and storage protection which can protect your buildings and farms.

TH 8 War Base against GoWiPe Strategy

TH 8 War Base against GoWiPe Strategy

Here is the best Anti Gowipe Clan War Base 2017

This base has a high winning ratio. Here because of the placement of wizard towers and archer towers the golems are distracted and move around the base and cannot enter inside and the giant bombs kill the wizards.

TH8 Anti Hog War Base | Th8 Anti GoHog War Base

Hogs get unlocked at town hall 7 and can be upgraded up to 2 levels. But on reaching town hall 8 you can upgrade hogs to level 4 which are very powerful and can destroy any TH8 base if used wisely and efficiently.

If you are looking for a good anti-hog war base for TH8, then we have listed out the best ones here for you. Now a days GoHog is the best attacking strategy which is a combination of Golem, Hogs, and some wizards at Town Hall 8 and Town Hall 9.

The main weakness of hogs is giant bombs and wizard towers. Wizard towers can quickly kill the group of hogs. Giant bombs are also quite useful, but the opponent should not be able to guess the placement of Giant bombs.

Anti Hog War Base for TH8

Anti Hog War Base for TH8

TH8 War Base Anti GoHog 2017

TH8 War Base Anti GoHog 2017

Here is the best anti-hog clan war for base TH 8

The main Kyoukai war base- the main advantage is the traps. The traps are placed perfectly in the interior of the base. Also the barbarian king provides you the top notch security. You should also have a have a max dragon on your clan castle for better protection. I would rather declare this base as one of the best bases. Try this and it will definitely not disappoint you.

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TH8 Anti Dragon War Base with Air Sweeper

Dragons are the most used war strategy in TH 8 and they are very powerful at level 3. Dragon’s attack can be flopped if they are not funneled properly or they can even be demolished by Air Defense & Air Sweeper.

Try these th8 base listed here if you are facing destruction by mass dragon attacks I am sure it will help you.


TH8 Anti Dragon War Base

Here is the list of Anti Dragon TH 8 Clan War Base for 2017

This base will create very difficult situation for the opponent if he / she is going use Mass Dragon strategy because if the enemy approaches from the left side, his Dragons will strive to destroy those group of Tesla and those elixir. And the storages protect the base from the dragons moving inside. If you wanted to have a good anti-dragon base than this bases is recommended.

TH8 Anti 3 Star War Base

Anti 3 war bases will prevent your base from 3 powerful attacks such as GoWiPe, GoHog, Dragon attacks, etc. Basically this Anti 3 Star war bases are a kind of trapped base which looks easier but it’s not, it is the trap where many players fall.

th8 war base anti 3 star

TH8 War Base Anti 3 Star

Here is the Best Anti 3 star war base for TH8 players.

Advantages of using Anti 3 Star War Base

  • This Town Hall 8  anti 3 star base can defend well against GoWiPe, GoHog, Hog and troops.
  • In Air Defence there are air traps and high buildings such as Gold storages, etc.
  • Double Giant Bombs are placed in the interior so that if the hogs reach the interior it can be easily destroyed.
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These th8 war bases are extremely effective if you use them in clash of Clan wars.

Chose the best Town Hall 8 War base layouts for powerful and strongest war attacks such as Gowipe, Gohog, Mass Dragon, Mass Hogs according to your need. Also comment down the result of these bases that you use. If you have any more bases that worked well, please let us know so that we can add it here.

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