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COC TH4 TH5 | War | Farming | Hybrid | Trophy Defense | Base Layouts

Clash of Clans game is a most famous strategic war game released by Supercell. Since its release in 2012 this game has earned a lot of popularity. In this game you have to Build your own village, train your troops and start war with opponent clan. Clash of Clans mainly deals with your strategy and management skills. This game is about how well you set up your village is set up in terms of defense offence and farm.  The most important thing in Clash of clan is town hall. If your town hall is upgraded than new defense system, buildings, traps and much more things are unlocked. Here we have shared some Clash of Clans Best Th4 Bases and TH5 basesWar Bases, Trophy Base and Defensive Bases. If you have Still not installed Clash of clans app? you can do it right from play store.

COC TH4 TH5 War Farming Hybrid Trophy Defense Base Layouts

The player of clash of clans needs to focus on protection of town hall which is the most important thing in coc. Laying out your village in such a way that it protects all the three resources as well the town hall. This is the key thing in Clash of Clans. The base layout for Town Hall one will give you the best opportunity to kick-start the game.

Designing the town hall seems easy at first but it can get hard at times. As you progress further and upgrade your Town hall there unlocks new things like Archer Tower, gold mine, elixir collector, etc. When you upgrade your town hall every time you get new defenses, traps and many other things that will help you build your village stronger. When you upgrade town hall then you get new defense systems then according to new defenses you have change the town hall base layout. And that’s why we have given here some of the Best TH4 war bases, TH 4 Hybrid bases, TH4 Trophy bases, TH4 Farming Bases and TH5 base layouts, TH5 farming base, TH5 war bases, TH5 Hybrid Bases for starters. These TH base layouts are the best and easy to teach you set up an excellent defense. Use these layouts to build you village and get started with the thrilling journey of Clash of Clans.

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TH4 Bases Layouts

TH4 War Bases

th4 war base layout 1

th4 war base 2

th4 war base 3

th4 war base 4

th4 war base 5

TH4 Trophy Bases

coc th4 trophy base 7

coc th4 trophy base 6

coc th4 trophy base 5

coc th4 trophy base 4

coc th4 trophy base 3

coc th4 trophy base 2

coc th4 trophy base

TH4 Farming Bases

th4 farming base 6

th4 farming base 5

th4 farming base 4

th4 farming base 3

th4 farming base 2

th4 farming base layout

TH4 Hybrid Bases

th4 hybrid base 4

th4 hybrid base 2

th4 hybrid base 3

th4 hybrid base

TH5 Bases Layouts

TH5 War Bases

th5 war base 4

th5 war base 3

th5 war base

th5 war base 2

th5 war base 5

th5 war base 7

th5 war base 6

th5 war base 8

TH5 Trophy Bases

th5 trophy base

th5 trophy base 3

th5 trophy base 2

th5 trophy base 4

th5 trophy base 5

TH5 Farming Bases

th5 farming base 5

th5 farming base

th5 farming base 3

th5 farming base 4

TH5 Hybrid Bases

th5 hybrid base

th5 hybrid base 4

th5 hybrid base 3

th5 hybrid base 2

Well begun is half done so if you start your game well by layout excellent bases then of TH4 Base and TH5 base. The key to powerful defense is cunning strategies and management skills that will make your village an excellent strong one.

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