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COC TH7 | War | Farming | Hybrid | Trophy Defense | Base Layouts

Clash of Clans is based upon your strategy and management of war. Initially it seems very simple and easy but once you start playing it and progress through it things become little complicated and you need some careful planning with clever strategies. When you are higher levels like coc TH7 Base layout is one of the most important things for your village. This tells about how well your strategies are when you are upgraded to TH7 BASE some new things are unlocked like new defenses, walls and many more. All of these need to be setup in strategically well planned manner. So we have given here 15+ Town Hall 7 bases. With the help of these bases you can design your village based on your priorities and the techniques you are using. Each bases for TH7 given below are carefully planned and tested by skilled coc players. So use these TH7 war bases, TH7 Trophy Bases, TH7 Farming Bases, TH7 Hybrid Bases to make your village a well planned better and stronger one. Choose from among these 15+ bases for TH7 and select the one that suits you the best. Lay out a perfect and the best TH7 base and top the leader board in Clash of Clans app.

COC TH7 War Farming Hybrid Trophy Defense Base Layouts

The base that rules over all the other bases in TH7 war bases is the one right here! This COC War base is great help against some of the most dreadful and terrorizing creatures in Clash of clans. Yes surely I am taking about Dragons, Hog riders and Giants. All of these dreadful creatures with DPS can destroy your base before you even know it and to fight back you need a base that cans really kick the asses. We have planned all the base elements in this base to tackle these. This coc TH7 war base includes air defense which will help you against hogs and dragons also with some ground strategies for giants. Try this base and play strong.

TH7 Bases Layouts

TH7 War Bases

TH7 Clan War Base
TH7 War Base 2
TH7 War Base 3
level 7 war base 2017
best th 7 war base anti everything

Best TH7 Trophy Base

th7 trophy base 2017

TH7 Farming Bases

TH 7 Farming Base
th7 farm base octobar
th7 farm base

TH7 Hybrid Bases

Best TH 7 Hybrid Base
TH 7 Hybrid Base Oct 2017
TH7 Hybrid Base 2
TH7 Hybrid Base 3
TH7 Hybrid Base 4
TH7 Hybrid Base By Master
TH7 Hybrid Base
So, these are the best bases for TH7 which can help you to set up a powerful village as you reach the TH7. Make better strategy and manage your needs so as to make the best base for your village. Very often players get confused and place wrong thing at wrong place which leads to poor defense. But with this war base management for TH7, you will not only have a strong defense but will also top the leader board. So, start using this TH7 strategy and make your clan the most powerful one.

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