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TH9 War Base | Best TH9 Trophy Farming Bases Layouts 2018

After Th8 now it is time to upgrade Th9. There are many new updates available in th9. It is very important to protect town hall as it contains 20% of all three resources. In designing of war base it is necessary to protect town hall in any case because if attacker fails to destroy town hall he will get only 1 star. When you upgrade town hall 9 then you must also upgrade troops, buildings etc. At level 9 various things are unlocked like Archer Tower×1, wizard towers×1, wall ×25, air Sweeper×1, giant bomb×1, gold mine×1, gold storage×1, elixir collector×1, elixir storages×1, Archer Queen altar×1, seeking air mine×2, X – bow ×2, hidden telsa×1. At level 9 the colour of town hall also changes to dark grey with red flag on top. A skull is shown on the door and a small watch tower at top left corner.

2018 TH9 War Base

2017 th9 war base

Anti 3 STAR Strategy For TH9 War Base

LaLoon / Lavaloons fear the most with air defense so place 4 air defense in such a way that the attacker cannot gain 3 stars. Golem is the main troop which is used as shield for entire unit. Golem will suck huge amount of loss. If you want to know how to defend against Gohavo then see those two bombs hidden in there and the bomb tower. If you are lied with lot of valkyries attack then try this base layout. The many layers of wall intersections will not let the valkyries attack the group of buildings, this allows you to keep at least one star.

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TH9 Anti 3 Star Lavaloon Hogs Bowler

TH9 Anti 3 star Lavaloon Hogs Bowler

Most Powerful TH9 War Base Anti 3 Star 2018

most powerful th9 war base

TH9 War Base Anti 2 Star 2018

TH9 War Base Anti th10


TH9 Defensive War Base Strategy Layouts

Defensive structure in town hall 9 are Town Hall, Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, Dark Elixir Drills, spell factory,  Gold Storage’s, Elixir Storage’s, Dark Elixir Storage, Dark Barracks, builders hut, Barracks, Army Camps, Laboratory, Dark Spell Factory, Clan Castle etc. The heroes are barbarian king and archer queen.

Most Defensive TH9 War Base

most defensive th9 war base

TH9 Defense Base Anti Valk with Bomb Tower

th9 defense base anti valk with bomb tower

Best TH9 War Base To Defend Against 3 Star

town hall 9 defense bases with bomb tower

New TH9 War Base 2018

th9 war base

TH9 Defense Base Design 2018

TH9 Defense Base Design

Anti 2 Star TH9 War Base

Fight with whatever means you don’t let them come to your castle in any case. The air defense on the four sides will kill anything that will come in their range. As we know X bows are needed for Gowipe here it is placed in such a way that we don’t need it but arranged in a strange pattern. This layout is surely made to confuse your opponent and no matter how well troop is made it will have to split in the middle.

Town Hall 9 War Base Anti 2 Star

Town Hall 9 War Base Anti 2 Star

TH9 War Base Anti 2 Star

TH9 War Base Anti 2 Star

Anti 2 Star TH9 War Base

Anti 2 Star TH9 War Base

Anti 2 Star TH9 War Base Bomb Tower

anti 2 star th9 war base bomb tower

TH9 Attacking War Base 2018

th9 attacking war base

Th9 Farming Bases Layouts 2018

Another way is to build by intersecting walls. The more walls the better layout so it will not allow the opponent to take even a single star but unfortunately opponent gets one star. But there is always 2 3 stars you can keep with you.

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TH9 Farming Base Anti Giant With Bomb Tower

th9 farming base anti giant with bomb tower

TH9 Farming Base Anti Everything With Bomb Tower

th9 farming base anti everything with bomb tower

TH9 Trophy Bases Layouts

TH9 Trophy Base

th9 trophy base

COC TH9 Trophy & War Base Layouts

coc th9 trophy and war base layouts

Best Town Hall 9 Defense Hybrid Base

best town hall 9 defense hybrid base

COC TH9 War, Farming, Trophy Base Layouts {All in One}

coc th9 war, farming, trophy base layouts

Yet another town hall 9 war base design suitable for dragons, Gowipe and valkyries attack. The air defence on the four sides will not allow the dragons to enter and that of the Gowipe X bows of course. Xbows with its high range and quick shooting  power it won’t let the Gowipe to act as meat shield for long time. The archer tower should be well placed so that it can defend well against the wizards outside the outer walls.

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