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COC Builder Hall 4 Layout:-Anti Giant Base, Anti 1, Anti 2 Star & Attack Strategy

Hello everyone I have come with another list of new upgrade of (coc) builder hall level 4 base .you have to first upgrade your Builder Hall to level 4 .The main thing in bh4 is strong army and strong defense in builder base. If you have only strong army your opponent will lose and if you only have strong defence then you builder base will win in this case you should have both strong army plus strong defense then your opponent will lose upgrading is very important in builder hall 4 because it is the start of your game. Many people does not know what to upgrade first in bh4 because we don’t have limited amount of gold and Elixir so first thing that you have to do is upgrade your gold and Elixir storage at any new level of builder Hall because we have to need more gold and Elixir to upgrade new thing but if we don’t have storage then have we will upgrade that all.

The second thing that you should upgrade is clock tower. If you don’t know what is clock tower. Clock tower help as to boost your produce ten time 10 x faster then it’s real time. For example if your product take 7 hour it will done in 7 to 8 minutes. So next you have to upgrade clock tower. Third thing that we have to make or defense strong for that we have to upgrade is your defense full max in bh4 in defense first upgrade cannon in bh4 and then archer tower max level and then fire cracker up to max level in bh4 because cannon Is more powerful then archer tower. One more important thing is do not up grade your wall now because it is not needed now in bh4

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COC Builder Hall 4 Base Layout


This is my first layout of Builder hall 4 bases. The boxer giant will always walk toward the open spots are extremely difficult to came by because push trap will push them into crusher. The spring trap will throw them out and your opponent will lose his 2 -4 giant in the and other troops will take down faster and your opponent will get loss. I have keep cannon in my Builder base and archer tower near to it. I have keep double layer wall because your opponent will get confuse and your opponent will lose

BH4 Anti 2 Star Base

BH4 Anti 2 Star Base

Coc Epic Builder Hall 4 base

This is my second layout. First thing that opponent will see is how clean and tidy your opponent will see what is the best side to attack that why I call this BASES as simple and dangerous. BUILDER BASES have strong protection with archer tower and cannon and I have keep double cannon to loss your opponent and I have keep push trap in front of mine and keep hidden Tesla aside of my Builder hall 4 base

This is my third layout this of bh4. It is my favorite base layout of bh4 because went your all traps, troops and your all defense get max then this is the right time to put all thing on display and throw out your opponent. I have keep push trap in the front of crusher and keep hidden tesla near to Builder hall.

BH 4 Anti 3 Star Base

BH 4 Anti 3 Star Base

Best Attacking Strategy in Builder Hall 4

For 3 starts base attack strategy is take 10 Barbarian and 12 Archer and 2 Dragons and battle machine. First send 10 troops spread it all over the opponent base then send 12 Archer and also spread it too and also spread it to all over the base and then send 2 dragon together and then at the last send metal machine but first upgrade barbarian up to level 9 and arches up to level 8 and Dragon up to level 8 and battle machine up to level 4 then you can you can get 3 star from opponent base this is the best strategy to get 3 star from opulent base.

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