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Live Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Online on Pc/ Mobile

Sport is something that is popular with all people, regardless of generation, country and language. All people around the world see and play sports that they love.
People are so busy these days that they can not get rid of their busy schedules. Short modern people with busy schedules often miss their favorite sports. But only because of the sports streaming sites can they watch their favorite player play whenever they want. Therefore, sports streaming sites are now a trend. And it’s the best option for busy people, as they can not only watch their favorite sports, but also get rid of boredom.

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Live Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Online on Pc Mobile

These sites (free sports streaming sites) are web portals where you can view all game recordings. And it’s become so much easier to see these game documentaries instead of going to the stadium because everyone has a high-speed Internet connection. On the other hand, many people may think about watching their favorite sports on some TV applications, but they will definitely demand some money.
What are the free sports streaming sites?

A group of web portals where users can watch live sports games on various websites for free when most cable companies charge money for such channels to watch live sports games. The added benefit is that the user can watch every game live as the best sites offer a different number of games

1. WatchESPN: –

This page is maintained by the official ESPN channel. It is one of the best sports websites for all kinds of popular sports in live streaming. The user can view these websites and find out if one of the user’s favorite sports is live streaming or not. It is the best streaming site for users in the US region. This site is free of advertising. ESPN only offers US sports just to see.
Official apps are also available for Android and iOS users. It has a very high-quality and clean user interface that allows users to see their favorite premium content.

ESPN Sports

2. Laola1.tv:-

A very well designed website where every sport is grouped by its type and league. This site offers football, volleyball, hockey, table tennis and much more with HD streaming on their website. You can see the details of all live sports events around the world. It also offers many opportunities for motorsport and ice hockey. The site has an excellent modern user interface and is no more complicated than other sports streaming sites.


3. Stream2Watch: –

What if you could see all the live streaming sports on a site’s homepage? Is not it good? Stream2Watch offers you this option (you can check out all live streaming sports on the homepage). It is one of the largest streaming sites with monthly visits from currently 10 million users. Apart from football streaming, this is the most popular place to watch every soccer game online. Here you can see the best sporting events on the first page. This page has redesigned its first page and now shows direct access to other trends such as cycling, athletics, hockey, handball, volleyball, horse racing. This site is the best option for those who like wrestling. It is the most preferred free sports streaming website. Every content of the website is available in HD.

. 4 HotStar: –

HotStar is owned by Star Networks. Since ESPN is for the US, the HotStar is for all Indians (best if you come from India). Here you must buy premium account, as in its free version you can watch sports in the mobile app (HotStar App) with a small delay in the broadcast. Therefore, it is better to buy its premium version, and you can enjoy the unlimited sports for a year. HotStar lets you watch live sports without signing.


5. CricFree.sc:-

The perfect place for people interested in international sporting events online. A site with a wide range of other international sports with major US sports. The homepage shows all your favorite sports. It consists of another feature, namely the presence of the chat box so that you can interact with like-minded people around the world.



The best part is that there is no country restriction on doing sports. It is the best sports streaming website with premium features and design. You can not see all your favorite games like football, hockey, baseball, basketball, motorsport and what?


7. FromHot: –

FromHot is one of the best sites to watch live games online. Here you can see football, tennis, basketball, baseball, cycling, golf, motorsports etc. This site has a very simple and clean user interface.

8. SonyLiv:

You might think that SonyLiv. But why could SonyLiv be included in this list? Well, the answer is simple. In 2018, most sports coverage was under SONY. Sony Liv lets you stream live sports. However, you may not see any highlights. But for free especially for football, it may be the best choice.

Sony LIV


These were just a few of the best sports streaming websites. We have listed only a few that we found. If we missed some, you can also add your favorites. If in doubt, feel free to ask us about the comment section. STAY TUNED!

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