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A new Dino Crisis presented at E3 2019? GameStop teases the fans

The E3 2019 is getting closer and closer, and tonight GameStop has thought to further feed the players' expectations, as if they weren't already incredibly high …

The managers of the seller's American Twitter page wrote: "Raise your hands: who wants to see a new Dino Crisis at E3 ?" . After a few exchanges with the users, the tweet was mysteriously deleted. By now, however, it was too late: the fans promptly proceeded to immortalize the statement with screenshots and spread it on the net.

Does GameStop know something we don't know? That Capcom is really preparing to unveil a new Dino Crisis at the most important video game fair in the industry? It cannot be said with certainty, but after the crazy success of the Resident Evil 2 remake, we would not be surprised if the Japanese company really decided to bring back one of its most beloved franchises whose return is coveted for over 3 years. Capcom, among other things, admitted that there are numerous titles in development with the RE Engine …

While waiting to learn more – the E3 2019 conferences will start on Sunday 9 June – you can travel on viale dei ricordi with us enjoying the special episode of MyGeneration on Dino Crisis.

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