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A new video from Control shows that l

When it comes to videogames that include the possibility of shooting, usually there are always many types of weapons to choose from, also because each player has his own favorite style. In the new adventure of Remedy Entertainment, Control, it will not be so.

The player will have at his disposal a single, single weapon: Service Weapon which however has rather peculiar characteristics. As revealed by the developers in a recent video, focused precisely on the gun in question, it is possible to progress through the game, unlock new features for the weapon, and then switch freely between its various incarnations during the game itself.

La In other words, Service Weapon can change its shape and characteristics so that it can be used both from a distance, or at close range, or even provide it with explosive features, for example.

So we will remain with the same weapon for the whole game, but it is as if we had a sort of "Swiss army knife", from which to choose which type of function interests us in that particular session of play.

The origins of the Service Weapon and its functionalities in detail are explained by the lead designer Paul Ehreth and from the narrative director of Control Brooke Magga in the video that you can find as usual at the bottom of the news.

C what do you think? Do you like this feature of the game?

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