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A Plague Tale Innocence: Video Preview of the game of Focus Home Interactive

A good two years after its presentation, we finally had the opportunity to test a playable demo of A Plague Tale with hand: Innocence, the debut adventure of the team ASOBO published by Focus Home Interactive .

The experience, which cleverly mixes delicacy and cruelty, makes the scenic construction and the narrative impact its pillars. The result is a black fairy tale undoubtedly fascinating, even if rather elementary in terms of gameplay. A Plague Tale: Innocence can be defined as a adventure game with strong stealth elements and a pinch of puzzle solving . The title alternates moments when it is necessary to act in the shadows, to others more adrenaline in which the escape is the only possible way. The feeling of greater disquiet, however, is felt when the two protagonists, Amicia and Hugo are forced to escape the waves of rodents with crimson eyes that infest France in 1348. [19659003] To judge from what we have had the opportunity to test, A Plague Tale: Innocence is anchored to a fairly linear and simplistic structure, but can count on a very inspired artistic direction and a screenplay of thickness that might reserve us some surprises. It does not seem to be even less the soundtrack, for which the team has done a commendable job

If you want to know more, we invite you to look at the Video Preview at the opening of the news or to read the in-depth preview of A Plague Tale: Innocence by our Giuseppe Arace .

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