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A user has created the

Very often videogame fans are also great lovers of anime, but when the two are combined, with few exceptions, the results are not always excellent. In this case instead, the anime opening of Apex Legends created by a fan of the game is something spectacular.

The user of Twitter as well as filmmaker and video editor known as Aiden Phan has indeed realized a video taken from the launch trailer of Apex Legends, mounted together with the song Shin Sekai of the Japanese rock band Hello Sleepwalkers and the result as you can see same in the video at the bottom of the news, it's really fun and awesome, considering how well the rhythm of the piece with animations is together.

The social media manager of Respawn who indeed retweeted the video, was also aware of it. official account of the game, calling it "fantastic".

Meanwhile, the popular Battle Royale by Respawn published by Electronic Arts is at the center of a controversy, given the rumor leaked in days past second which EA would have paid Ninja a million dollars to promote Apex Legends.

To get an idea of ​​the new game by the authors of Titanfall regardless of the controversy, you can take a look at the review of Apex Legends.

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