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Activision layoffs involved 209 Blizzard employees

New details have emerged about the recent restructuring of Activision-Blizzard, which has led to the dismissal of over 800 people. According to a recent report published by Variety, it seems that among the many were well 209 employees of Blizzard Entertainment .

The news emerged from a statement from the Employment Development Department of California, where it is possible to read that the layoffs involved several Blizzard offices around the United States: Irvine Burbank and Santa Monica in California ; New York City ; Austin in Texas; Bloomington in Minnesota. The IT department has lost 41 employees, while the Marketing and Live Experiences section will have to do without 29 people. The restructuring has in any case involved all the compartments of the company, from publishing to quality control, through mobile, customer service and Battle.net

Fortunately, all the unfortunate employees will receive a compensatory pay in the next 60 days to dismissal. In some cases, liquidation will also be guaranteed. This news is in line with the statements of the president and CEO of Blizzard Entertainment J. Allen Brack who promised bonuses and support for all the dismissed February february

Activision-Blizzard for his part, now seems alarmed for the future. In a recent report, the company's leaders have admitted that the wave of layoffs may not have the desired effect and therefore negatively affect business: "The restructuring could be expensive and wearisome for our business, or have bad consequences , as a negative impact on employee morale and productivity, or on our ability to attract and hold on to the brightest employees. "

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