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Anno 1800 is now available on PC: build your industrial empire!

Ubisoft announces that Year 1800 the new episode of the famous city strategic and management franchise, is now available worldwide for Windows PC.

In addition, the French company has unveiled the Anno 1800 post-launch content plan which includes a Season Pass with three main DLCs, as well as a series of free content, including the upcoming cooperative mode, community challenges and the building of statistics.

Characterized by technological innovations, conspiracies and fickle alliances, the 19th century is the perfect setting for the classic Anno gameplay. Developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte, the Anno 1800 offers players a wide range of opportunities to test their leadership skills. Players will be able to create huge metropolises, plan efficient logistics networks, colonize an exotic new continent, send shipments around the world and dominate their opponents with diplomacy, trade or war.

Anno 1800 combines the best features of 20 years of Anno's history, offering a rich city building experience and including a story-based campaign, a highly customizable sandbox and the classic multiplayer experience of the series. Anno 1800 will also see the return of some of the most requested features, such as AI opponents, sea trade, randomly generated maps, multi-session game modes, objects and much more.

To bring this to life important historical period, Anno 1800 introduces many new features to the franchise . The expeditions will allow players to send groups of specialists around the world in search of glory and wealth, while the new workforce management will allow them to manage the production centers in a more detailed and realistic way. Finally, players will be able to colonize South America to obtain black gold, the true engine of the new industrial era.

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With the Season Pass of the Year players will have access to new adventures, challenges and tools as they shape their industrial revolution. The Season Pass includes the following three DLCs, which will be available during 2019:

  • The sunken treasure: players will be able to expand their island with a new European "Old World" session and a large continental island, allying with an eccentric inventor and his diving bell in a treasure hunt.
  • Botanica: in this DLC, players will have the opportunity to increase the charm of their city with a modular botanical garden, which will allow them to obtain new objects and rewards, attracting masses of tourists eager to admire their floral masterpiece.
  • The passage: players will have to manage new production chains and goods, building an Arctic outpost in the northwest passage.
  • Cosmetic contents (available from today): Season Pass holders will immediately receive three cosmetic items that they can use to customize their game profile in the multiplayer experience: the retract or of the prisoner and two exclusive company logos.

In addition, a series of constant updates after the launch will offer new free content to all players, including:

  • Co-Op Mode: this feature much requested by the community will be added in a future update and will allow players to form a team with their friends to share control of the empire, developing it during the industrial revolution.
  • Community challenges: the Anno community will regularly receive a series of challenges that will require teamwork to achieve a shared goal. By doing so, it will be possible to unlock new customization options, such as company icons or even skins for all participants.
  • Statistical building: the most experienced players who want to control every single aspect will surely appreciate this new feature. In fact, the new statistics building will allow them to get more information on their production chains and all available productions.
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Anno 1800 and the Season Pass are available in digital format on Ubisoft Store and Epic Games Store for Windows PC. The Season Pass can be purchased for 25 euros. Players who have booked Anno 1800 will receive the Imperial Pack with some additional content for the game. The owners of the Digital Deluxe and Pioneers editions will have access to other exclusive contents, including the character of the Anarchist.

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