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Anthem: a bug gives the Colossus the skills of the

Although the corrective patch of the day one was published, Anthem seems to still suffer from numerous bugs, glitches and other technical problems. Among the various reports that are emerging on the net, one particularly curious has shown how it is possible to use the Strale of Colossus as' Interceptor .

The user profit Feefsk has recently published a GIF in which we can admire a Colossus fiondarsi at full speed against the lo Swarm Tyrant through a skill usually to the prerogative of the Stral of the Interceptor. This creates a Javelin with hybrid characteristics capable of triggering a devastating and "overpowering" force

All this has been made possible thanks to a bug that can be activated by going to Fort Tarsis : once arrived at the central HUB of Anthem it will be necessary to select the Interlector Stral, then exit and re-enter, select the Interceptor this time and then repeatedly press the "Esc" key (if play on PC) when the blue loading wheel appears.

We remind readers that Anthem is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The stock has reached the top position in sales in the UK, but its numbers (concerning only physical copies) are currently lower than those recorded by Mass Effect: Andromeda at the launch. For full details on the new BioWare game, see our Anthem Review. On our pages you will also find a technical insight with which we have compared the title on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Anthem arrives in February, preorder it on Amazon.it at 62.99 euros and receive exclusive bonus content, including the Founders' Banner, a unique emblem to be used in play.

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