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Anthem: a survey on the profitable game rejects the BioWare game

The user SyntaxTheGr8 involved the reddit community to be able to define an overall picture of the opinion that the players made of Anthem, the controversial and controversial looter-shooter of BioWare and Electronic Arts.

Predictably, considering the serious problems that afflict the current gaming experience, the overall opinion of the users is not at all flattering towards the title. With a sample of more than 1,000 survey participants, 49.9% said they found " many bugs " during their experience, with 20.6% confirming that they even ran into problems that compromised the proper functioning of their gaming platform (you will remember the cases in which the game caused the total blocking of PlayStation 4).

88.3% also declared not to be part of any group or team game a disarming figure for a title that aimed to propose a first-level cooperative multiplayer experience, as stated several times by the development team before publication. In addition, 55.8% say they are totally dissatisfied with how Anthem's loot system is managed at the time perhaps the most important aspect of production. In this regard, BioWare has been looking for a designer who is able to put a patch to the many problems that undermine the foundations of the loot system they created. Through this address you can take a look at all the other disappointing results that emerged from the survey. The general image that is created is that of a confusional project, which has achieved only some of its objectives, and which has failed due to burdensome gaps, daughters of an extremely troubled development.

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Anthem is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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