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Anthem: a user recreates the look of some iconic characters

When a game contains a full-bodied editor, user fantasies go wild and a combination of genius, talent and different free time, have brought one in particular, which on Twitter is known as @Grinchmaen, to the realization of some stunning creations.

The player in question has indeed modified his Javelin of Anthem in order to represent as many as 21 iconic characters taken from the world of superheroes and pop culture, from the characters Marvel and DC to those of videogames, through Dragon Ball and the Ninja Turtles the imaginative user has created armor suits for all tastes.

In the game (which for the moment seems to live on highs and lows, given Sony's decision to reimburse some unsatisfied users) it is possible to customize every aspect of your Javelin, from the model to the equipment set to the various combinations of color, and even without taking inspiration from existing characters, some creations of the community were truly spectacular. Just look for the hashtag #MyJavelin on Twitter to find some ideas with an extraordinary look.

@Grinchmaen wanted to raise the bar, and you can see the results in some tweets at the bottom of the news. to see all the 21 complete creations, we refer you to the gallery published by IGN.com.

What do you think? And you, how do you cope with the character editor? Do you have any armor of which you are particularly proud?

Anthem arrives in February, preorder it on Amazon.it at 62.99 euros and receive exclusive bonus content, including the Banner of Founders, unique emblem to be used in the game.

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