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Anthem and the crashes on PS4: the patch will arrive next week

As Head of Live Service of BioWare Chad Robertson updates us on the development stage and on the timing of the Anthem patch aimed at correcting the serious errors encountered by PlayStation 4 users stumbled upon crash and in anomalous arrests of the consul

With a message on Twitter addressed to all the fans of the new shooter of the Electronic Arts that await the exit of the update in question, Robertson specifies that "we have identified several causes for the abnormal shutdown and temporary shutdown of PS4 reported by some users.The corrections for the main problems will happen with a patch that will be published next week ".

Always in relation to the problems encountered by the PS4 users, the BioWare executive is keen to underline that " if an arrest occurs abnormal game and PS4 is not responding, you can turn it off manually and restart it, without any risk of damage to the console ".

In the message, in any case, there is no reference to cases of crashes reported on Xbox One, especially from those who decided to explore the alien biomes of Bastion playing Anthem on Xbox One X: the update in question, presumably, should solve these problems too

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