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Anthem: BioWare had increased the loot drop by mistake

The launch of Anthem was surrounded by various controversies, and the game did not receive a very positive reception either from the press or from the public. One of the last issues raised concerned an alleged lowering of the drop rate by BioWare .

Some users realized that the rewards arrived much less, and they started complaining about some forums, again causing some controversy between the fan base and the software house.

BioWare, however, wanted to explain the situation, confirming that the drop has decreased, but only after having increased them by mistake in an attempt to correct a bug .

"In our update on Friday, one of the changes we made had the side effect of increasing some drop rates.This thing was not wanted, and once we identified the problem, we came back to the previous situation, which lasted about 11 hours. "

11 hours when the players thought something was wrong. Ben Irving lead producer of the game, finally clarified: "It took some time to turn the message around and because I understood what had happened and how to avoid it in the future. never intend to apply changes without being transparent in this regard, and therefore we simply wanted to respond and explain the situation to you. "

No malice then by the software house, simply the correction of an involuntary error.

Anthem arrives in February, preorder it on Amazon.it at 62.99 euros and receive exclusive bonus content, including the Banner of Founders, unique emblem to be used in play.

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