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Anthem: Diablo 3 designer criticizes the Loot and suggests modifications

The launch of Anthem has granted Travis Day former developer of Diablo 3 currently involved in the Dauntless project, to discuss with the Reddit community the corrective measures that could be carried out by the authors of BioWare to improve the loot of their latest, controversial roleplaying action

As explained by Travis Day after having grappled with the sci-fi sci-fi of Electronic Arts and having observed it with the eyes of designer before the goddess of action and science fiction adventures, the BioWare team should focus on the most important aspects of Anthem's loot system, that is balancing the rewards obtained by the players based on the level of difficulty chosen and to the challenge addressed

Based on the experience gained with projects such as Diablo 3, Day suggests to the Canadian subsidiary of EA iare users able to overcome the most difficult missions (especially the Roccaforti, but also the events related to free roaming with the Titans protagonists) with a fair number of experience points, digital coins to spend in aesthetic customizations and, above all, weapons and elements of rare equipment.

Despite the not particularly warm reception of the trade press and, more importantly, the enthusiasts, the top management of BioWare say they are extremely confident for the success of Anthem and, with the words executive producer Mike Gamble, invite us to look to the future and await the numerous additional content and updates that will characterize post-release title support on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Anthem arrives in February, preorder it on Amazon.it at 62.99 euros and receive exclusive bonus content, including the Banner of Founders, unique emblem to be used in the game.

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