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Anthem: for Michael Pachter on PC it loses much of its value

Anthem the new title of BioWare was not particularly rewarded by critics in the reviews that, indeed, were mostly negative. There are several aspects in the game that should have been better finished, before launching the game in all respects.

According to the famous analyst Michael Pachter however, most of the problems of the game, and therefore unflattering reviews, are to be found in the fact that it was taken into consideration especially the PC version, which thanks to Origin Access was available earlier than other platforms, although the game, according to him, was mainly intended for the console market.

"My personal vision is that it is not just a PC game. 'is the flight in the game, and maneuvering your flying character is like driving a car: the tracks do not work well for the PC, while on console they are a wonder. "

According to Patcher therefore, such versions should receive at least about ten percentage points more. According to the analyst, part of the guilt of the bad reception of the game, however, is to be found internally to EA above all because of its system of launching the game in stages. Players who have been able to get their hands on the game have in fact helped to dampen the hype with a week of negative criticism, thus affecting the sales of the game.

What do you think of the analyst's words? Also, do you think the BioWare title played on consoles deserves more than its PC version? But above all, have you read our review of Anthem?

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Anthem arrives in February, preorder it on Amazon.it at 62.99 euros and receive exclusive bonus content, including the Banner of Founders, unique emblem to be used in the game.

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