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Anthem, Inscription Guide: how they work and what they are for

To be successful in Anthem it is important to have the best weapons and tools. In this regard, Inscriptions play a crucial role, random modifiers that are applied to each object at the time of creation. In this mini-guide we explain how they work and what they are used for

Below we will give an example of some inscriptions that can be applied to a Araldo Avenger a mythical large-caliber pistol that we recommend you get in the game. If there is an icon gear in front of the inscription, it means that it applies only to the object itself. If instead there is an icon armor it means that it applies to the entire arrow. So in the example of the Avenger Herald we illustrated the following entries were generated:

  • + 15% weapon damage: This increases the damage inflicted by the Avenger Herald by an additional 15%. In this case, the inscription has a gear icon, so the increase in damage applies only to this weapon and not to the secondary one.
  • + 4% of repairs: All items collected restoring health will be 4% more effective.
  • + 30% ammunition release frequency: Increases the probability of a defeated enemy dropping ammunition by 30%
  • + 15% gun damage large caliber: As this presents the armor icon, any large caliber pistol carried by the player (including the Avenger Herald) will inflict 15% more damage. So, if you have equipped two large caliber guns, both would have an increase of 15%.

Another thing to note is that the amount of damage shown (in this case 1044) does not include the bonus damage resulting from the applied entries . This is an important consideration: registrations are not reflected in the statistics block (at least not yet), so be careful when making comparisons.

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How registrations apply

We have the following categories of entries Minor Principal

  • Minor Secondary
  • Secondary Major
  • Major Principal
  • Epic Secondary
  • Epic Principal


With a lower level, enrollment will have less impact. With a higher level, however, the impact will be greater. As an example, a minor primary registration can modify weapon damage by + 5-25%. But adding a higher secondary membership to weapon damage, we will reach + 25-175%.

If you need more advice on the new shared world shooter from BioWare you can consult our Anthem Getting Started Guide.

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