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Anthem: Loot will undergo profound changes over the next few months

Despite the fact that only two weeks have passed since the departure of Anthem, the guys from BioWare have already made several corrective interventions on one of the most important elements of the gaming experience provided by their open-world action, that is the Loot system .

It is no coincidence, therefore, if Chad Robertson as Head of Live Service of BioWare, wanted to explain to the followers of his profile Twitter intrigued by the unusual frequency of updates and corrective patches at Looting of Anthem that the system of progression of the elements of equipment of the sci-fi blockbuster of EA will undergo further changes during the next few months. [19659003] "One of the negative aspects of such a fast progression in the improvement updates of the Loot is that we are making complex changes in different areas of the system and that, consequently, it is difficult to know how behave "Robertson began, before adding that " in the coming months, we expect to make significant changes, but we are starting with some incremental interventions so that we can better manage this evolution. Our goal is to ensure the best possible player experience ".

The latest Anthem update, already available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, has improved the looting system for Specialists exploring Bastion after you have reached Level 30 by changing the rarity of the items, skills and weapons obtained at each mission or in free roaming sessions.In any case, BioWare will still have a lot of work to do before meeting the fans' requests, as we can easily guess from tone of criticism of the community on the main sites, forums and social networks.

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