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Anthem: patch 1.0.3 arrives today ahead of its time

With a post entrusted to the official forum of the game, BioWare announced that the expected patch 1.0.3 of Anthem, initially scheduled for next week, will be published today between 14: 00 and 16.00.

To begin with, the Canadian company has announced that the new update will improve the stability of the game on all platforms and solve a series of problems that caused crashes and disconnections. In the changelog no explicit mention of the abnormal arrests of PlayStation 4 is made, but it is highly probable that the resolution of the latter is also included. We'll see.

Among the other interventions planned, include the modification of the respawn times which will be based on the activity in progress (10 seconds for non-end-game activities, 30 seconds for those end -game), changes to the loot system (white and green objects will no longer appear to the players at level 30) and improvements to the audio .

In addition to that, they are expected a myriad of bug fix for different components of the game. Among the many, we mention the resolution of crashes that occur when you select certain dialogue options, the correction of the problem that does not allow you to complete some missions despite all the requirements are met and the correction of the bug that prevents access to the Forge. For everyone else, we advise you to consult the long official changelog. Anthem, remember, is available for purchase on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. During the month of February it was the best selling game on the PlayStation Store, surpassing all the other new releases.

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