Anthem still unbalanced: become 30% stronger by removing supporting objects


As we told you a few days ago, a balancing problem with Anthem allowed low-level weapons to reach, if not exceed the firepower of weapons of higher categories. BioWare remedied the problem with an update, but it seems that the headaches are by no means terminated for the Canadian software house.

As reported by a user on reddit, the system came into effect with the 1.0 patch .3. of the action game allows players to take advantage of a new, unorthodox method to increase their power exponentially.

Everything is accomplished by depriving one's character of supporting objects : the latest version of the game, in fact, it scales the damage of the attacks, comb and completed based on the average value of the objects we carry with us. By removing these (it is possible to do so using a new load-out), the offensive capabilities can increase up to 30% more . The same user also suggests keeping one or a few more Rare value support objects, and leaving everyone else home instead, so as to "best" Anthem's poor balance after this new patch.

We remind readers that Anthem is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. BioWare has ensured that the looting system will undergo major changes over the coming months.