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Anthem: the new update promises to improve the Loot

From the pages of Reddit, the chief producer of BioWare Ben Irving offers us some succulent advances on the interventions that will be performed by Canadian authors to improve two of the most criticized aspects by Anthem users, namely the Loot and the rewards management system

According to Irving, the next update of Anthem will significantly change the enrollment system to manage the ingame upgrades of each weapon equipped by its Specialist.

The advantages offered by the rarest weapons, finally, they will not cover all the elements of equipment but will have to do with the category they belong to: the sniper rifles, for example, will no longer have "generic" bonuses connected to pistols or assault rifles but they will receive only and exclusively damage enhancements and multipliers linked to the sniper rifles, the Stral and the abilities elemental damage.

Those who have already completed the main campaign and are exploring the alien biomes of Bastion in search of advanced engame challenges will also no longer receive common objects (white or green) and will increase the probability of obtaining the necessary materials to further evolve the level of their own Strale.

Recently, even a former developer of Diablo 3 has wanted to talk about the dynamics of the game related to the Lohem of Anthem suggesting to BioWare to make some targeted changes to make more amusing the experience offered to those who are trying their hand at the challenges of their latest action.

Anthem arrives in February, preorder it on Amazon.it at 62.99 euros and receive exclusive bonus content, including the Founders' Banner , unique emblem to be used in the game.

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