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Anthem: where to find the Forzieri and how to open them quickly

The world of Anthem is full of adventures, enemies to deal with and rewards to gain on the battlefield. If you want to stock up on loot, the best method is to open the treasure chests disseminated in the gaming world: in this mini-guide we explain how to find them quickly.

To find the forzieri in Anthem you must participate in one of the following activities:

Free Mode

When you are in exploration in free mode, always keep your eyes open and look around. The treasure chests are scattered throughout the map, both in depth and in height. If you are looking for loot, we advise you to fly and look carefully around to find any hidden treasure.

Global Events

Global Events will appear regularly during Free Mode, indicated on the map by a purple icon. Completing one will ensure you get a treasure chest full of useful rewards. Whether you play alone or with friends, we recommend that you always take part in the Global Events, whenever the opportunity arises.


On our pages we have already proposed a Guide to the Strongholds of Anthem . By participating in these activities you can face a boss at the end of the mission, with the possibility of obtaining new pieces of useful equipment. Furthermore, before the final battle, you will have access to two chests secured in the respective checkpoints.

Where to find the treasure chests quickly

In addition to the activities listed above, in Anthem there is a method to find chests faster. As you can see in the video shown at the top, all you have to do is start from the checkpoint west of Valle di Tarsis and then continue towards the water. Within this area there will be a chance to find a treasure chest. If you have not found anything, continue to follow the path: on the road you will encounter several points where boxes can appear. Once you find the optimal route, you just have to repeat it several times until you have accumulated the amount of loot desired.

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