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Apex Legends: a Lifeline cosplayer was banned for racism

In the last hours Karina "Karupups" Martsinkevich, a streamer who, given her passion for Apex Legends, has decided to become a Lifeline during a live broadcast

Among the preparation phases of the cosplay, which saw her dyeing her hair among other things, there was also a passage that saw Karina use a foundation to darken her face and, unfortunately, this action cost her a 30-day ban on Twitch . The practice of putting makeup on the face to look like a black person is in fact called "blackface" and is not well seen not only among cosplayers. In the 1800s many actors used to change the color of their faces to take on the role of people of color and take the racist stereotype to extremes. Immediately after the temporary ban the streamer published a video on its YouTube channel in which he apologized to everyone and justified himself by specifying that behind this action there was nothing but the will to resemble his own darling.

remember that just late yesterday afternoon Apex Legends has been updated with a patch that balances some weapons and enhances Gibraltar and Caustic. Someone has also recreated Octane's Flatline and Jump Pad with a 3D printer.

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