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Apex Legends: a trick to increase the rate of fire of the

A player of Apex Legends has found a small trick that can be used on a PC that allows to increase the rate of fire of many weapons, including the assault rifle Hemlock .

The procedure is very simple: the mouse and keyboard controls editor allows you to associate a second key to all the actions that can be performed in the game. The user in question, who on Reddit calls himself mnkymnk has well thought of associating the firing function with the movement of the mouse wheel towards above . After that, he set the Hemlock in single shot mode, resulting in a very high rate of fire. Judge for yourself by watching the video attached to Reddit.

The same trick can also be used for other single-shot weapons, such as the pistol P2020 and for the jump. In the latter case, the user has associated the jump function to the movement of the scroll wheel downward . By making it rotate quickly, he was able to perform the movement of "bunnyhopping" : his character skips wildly and becomes really hard to hit.

On consoles, by necessity, these tricks can not be used . At the moment we do not know if Respawn Entertainment will decide whether or not to intervene to prevent its abuse. In the meantime, the team is investigating the slow server problems of Apex Legends. Did you know that since the game was launched, more than 355,000 cheaters have been banned?

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