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Apex Legends as Titanfall: upcoming Wall Running and Super Jump?

Apex Legends' tireless datamers sink back into the most hidden lines of code in Respawn's latest battle royale update and discover extremely interesting text files that suggest the introduction of two gameplay elements linked to Titanfall, ie Wall Running and Super Jump .

The return of the two game mechanics that characterized the sci-fi shooter series of Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts from which it was inspired to shape the multiplayer universe of Apex Legends finds confirmation in the last portions of code extrapolated from the dataminer.

The discovery, shared on the columns of the Intel Gaming portal by amateur programmers who wanted to analyze the latest update of EA's battle royale, highlights the presence of inactive files that describe in detail the use of skills that c they include the rush on the walls and the ability to make a super leap.

If they were true, these leaks could contribute to significantly increase the digital perimeter of Apex Legends in conjunction with the arrival of the first season, expected to launch during the next week (presumably on March 12th or 13th) along with its Battle Pass on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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