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Apex Legends: five effective tricks to survive on the battlefield

A player from Apex Legends, quarkez has created a practical video guide (which lasts just under a minute) in which he explains some useful tricks to improve quickly and gain more familiarity with movements and in the knowledge of the map

The frenetic gameplay of Apex Legends is based entirely on the movement. Of course, like every battle royale. The title Respawn, however, makes the dynamism one of his workhorses, much more than other titles of the same genre

Mastering the stage of the movement together with the knowledge of the map and the way in where it is possible to exploit the environmental elements can give a not indifferent advantage on an opponent.

The first is the so-called " bouncing ": this movement allows to bounce on the walls for a burst of speed and a sudden change of direction, perfect to stay evasive under fire. Of course, you need a little practice in the timing calculation, but it can work.

The second is " bunny hop " or a jump technique that allows you to keep the sprint speed constant. the slide. In this way it is possible to heal or charge the shield without losing momentum. Perfect to disappear quickly.

Avoiding the fall lag is the third council of the player. How to do it? A fall from great heights causes a brief moment of lag, during which the speed of movement is reduced (a kind of stun, definitely deleterious). Calculating the moment in which it is done, just before landing, press the melee button. This will completely cancel the fall lag.

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There is, then, the " reverse slide ". With this trick you can make a quick backward slide, allowing you to quickly escape with one eye behind your head. This technique can also be used in combination with bunny-hopping to use the medikits while still moving and looking at the shoulders at the same time.

Finally, a creative way to exploit the grapple of Pathfinder is to use it like a catapult . Very simply, as soon as the grapple hooks to the surface press the jump button to give you the momentum

We leave you to the video in question (which can be viewed on Reddit), much more explanatory.

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