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Apex Legends: Guide and Advanced strategies for using Pathfinder

After talking about Lifeline's skills, in this Apex Legends mini-guide we will take a closer look at the features of Pathfinder explaining how to best exploit them on the battlefield.

Pathfinder is a less obvious choice of support than Lifeline, but being a robot can be a very interesting option. Just think of the supplied grappling hook, an instrument that will appeal to the most skilled players of Apex Legends who love mobility in combat.

His passive ability is Infiltrated (he scans to reveal the next position of the ring), his tactical ability is Rampino (gadget with which to move quickly from one position to another) and his ultimate ability is Zipline master (creates a cable car usable for all teammates).

Basic strategies

By taking advantage of Pathfinder's features you can offer a huge tactical advantage to the team. While your teammates are still looting, you can use the Infiltrate ability to reveal the next ring position, so you can plan your game strategy in advance. Scan as often as you can, but if only a few seconds are left until the circle closes, wait until it is completed.

The Rampino will not be very easy to use at the beginning. Learn to master the physics of Apex Legends, in order to calculate travel times and the range of impulses: they will be very useful for quickly reaching a certain position on the map. Aim at the edge of the walls to easily jump to the top of buildings and structures. Reaching a high point can give you several considerable tactical advantages: you will have a global view on the battlefield, with the ability to identify enemies more easily. Remember that the grappling hook has a recovery time of 15 seconds to wait between uses.

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As it is easy to imagine, the ultimate ability Zipline master can be very helpful for whole team. Try not to use it to escape the fighting, since your enemies can follow you in turn, but feel free to use it as often as you like, in particular when you want to move from one side of the arena to the other. your companions.

Zipline Gun requires a waiting time of 90 seconds after each use, so try to exploit it in the most appropriate situations. Do not forget to use it to get your team out of trouble, particularly when they are out of position with current targets.

Advanced Strategies

Much of the Pathfinder skill set is about moving around the map. To get the most out of this legend it is important to push on mobility . Use the Rampino to move with agility and to reach a favorable position during firefights. In addition to climbing on top of the structures, you can try to get around opponents by taking them behind you.

After you have trained enough, you will notice that momentum will play a fundamental role in the trajectory of the swing of your grappling hook. Increase your travel speed by taking advantage of the stairs and slopes, and harness yourself to the corners of buildings to catapult you over long distances. Also, use the grappling hook on enemies to surprise them and confuse them, or to put them out of position when you find yourself short of ammunition.

In areas like Waterfalls where there are already many cableways around, you can use the ability Zipline master to create a network of crossed ropes that allow you to quickly reposition yourself at strategic points in the area. A perfect tactic for the advanced stages of the game, where you will run the risk of ending up under the crossfire of other teams.

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For more tips and tricks on the battle royale of Respawn Entertainment do not forget to consult the our Getting Started with Apex Legends.

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