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Apex Legends: Guide and Strategies for using Wraith's skills

After giving you some useful advice for playing with Caustic, in this mini-guide Apex Legends we will do the same with Wraith explaining how to make the most of his skills on the field of battle.

Wraith's ability

Wraith can disappear for a few seconds and run from point A to point B safely. A useful move both in an offensive and defensive perspective, as well as a potential trump card to overturn the most complicated situations. His passive ability is Voices from oblivion (you will hear voices as the danger approaches), his tactical ability is In oblivion (exploit the dimension of emptiness to avoid the damage) while his ultimate ability is Dimensional Gate (connects two locations with portals for 60 seconds)

Strategies and Cheats for Using Wraith

  • It is important to remember that using tactical skill you will not become completely invisible . You will be invulnerable, ideal for getting away from a difficult situation, but do not forget to use the covers to go unnoticed. Any player who will have seen you will be able to follow your movements by observing your tracks, lighting up as soon as you return back to the dimension of emptiness.
  • The tactical ability protects you from any kind of damage.
  • You will not be able to see the enemies or the teammates while using tactical skill. Always keep this in mind.
  • Killed teammates can use your Dimensional Gate to be reborn in a safer place.
  • Dimensional Gate is one of the fastest movement skills in the game, given which allows you to cover large distances in a few moments.
  • You cannot jump on a zipline while placing a portal, and it will not be possible to enter a portal while using the tactical ability.
  • Use the slit to escape may be useful, but keep in mind that even your enemies will be able to use them . Careful, therefore, where you place it, as your opponents could use it to hit your allies in the back.
  • Cracks can be used to eliminate opponents with cunning. Passing through them, the enemies could cross the boundaries of the map going towards certain death.
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So try to make the most of Porta Dimensionale involving the whole team in your travels. The tactical ability can be used in an offensive and defensive way, whether it is to get around or to get away from a fight that is going wrong. Wraith looks like a very flexible character : he is able to get by even in solitary approaches, but he will give his best only through an aggressive and team game.

Speaking of the other legends present in the roster , remember that on our pages you will also find the Octane User Guide, the new character introduced with Season 1 of Apex Legends .

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