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The discovery of the great difference between the Pathfinder hitbox and its actual polygonal model has opened a new controversy between members of the Apex Legends community and the authors of Respawn Entertainment . The pome of discord, this time, is represented by Wraith .

Taking a cue from the explanatory film recorded by those who highlighted the strong discrepancy between the damage hitbox and the 3D model of the Pathfinder automo 'user of Reddit known under the pseudonym of SirAelic has analyzed the hitbox of the other Legends discovering that Wraith, from this point of view, turns out to be the most "benefited" .

Regardless of the game situation faced, in fact, the hitbox Wraith never exceeds that of the other characters but, on the contrary, becomes even smaller deciding to remain still: all this, highlights the author of this "experiment", due to the particular posture taken by the warrior stealth by Apex Legends.

The virtual area that defines the outline of Wraith's hitbox, in fact, is significantly lower than that of the other Legends: Lifeline and Bloodhound are larger than the 12% Mirage and Bangalore of 33% Pathfinder of 90% Caustic of 105% and Gibraltar even of the 140% . Regardless of each character's specific abilities, the empirical analysis of Apex Legends 'digital heroes' hitboxes confirms the community's "fears" and suggests they wear Wraith's clothes in battle to receive a clear statistical advantage. [19659003] In this regard, the leaders of Respawn have already responded to criticism by users stating that they want to investigate the issue to understand what changes and corrective actions to make to Apex Legends to reduce this discrepancy and improve the gaming experience of fans of the new battle royale by Electronic Arts .

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