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Apex Legends: new leaks on additional Season 1 characters

The tireless dataminer of Apex Legends of the amateur programmers' collective gathered in the Twitter channel of ApexLeaksNews claims to have found, among the folds of the game code of the battle royale of Respawn the logos of five mysterious characters that should arrive in the title during Season 1.

Among the images extrapolated from the most hidden files of the last Apex Legends update we find some of the heroes leaked on the net over the last few weeks, all Octane and Wattson .

The latest rumors about the new Legends that, presumably, are going to flesh out the roster of characters during Season 1, add up to the recent rumors bounced on the net on the stock other datamining operations conducted on the new multiplayer shooter of Electronic Arts .

Among the most interesting and made by the "code explorers" of the new videogame phenomenon of Respawn, we mention the bonuses for those who will buy the Battle of Season 1, the probable introduction of vehicles and a new map, the possibility to explore Kings Canyon in Night, the expansion of the arsenal available to users and the addition of gameplay mechanics based on the Wall Running and on Super Salti .

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