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Apex Legends: new leaks on the contents of the Season 1 Battle Pass

Not satisfied with the media hype caused by rumors about Wall Running and Super Jump, the most active members of the volcanic scene of Apex Legends dataminer regains the scene to inform us of the presence, among the folds of the battle royale code of EA of hidden files dedicated to Battle Pass .

The last dataming operation completed on the weekend by amateur programmers who fell in love with the videogame phenomenon of Respawn Entertainment would have evidenced portions of code that anticipate the arrival of additional contents and ingame bonuses linked to the Battle Pass of Season 1.

Among the files that would be already indexed by the game after the last update, we find of the icons that can be used to customize the profile of your favorite Legend, but also the unpublished Skins and the unspecified "Battle Pass bonus" ch and could take the form of simple temporary multipliers of experience points or, more plausibly, real Apex packages.

These can in fact be obtained only through the natural progression of experience levels and can be used to acquire elements with which to personalize your character, the emote (or "ritual phrases" pronounced in the performances) and the individual weapons acquired by exploring the sci-fi biomes of Canyon of the Kings.

To find out what will have in store for us the Respawn team, we just have to wait for the start of the Apex Legends Season 1, expected over the next few days on PC as well as on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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