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Apex Legends: NPCs may appear in the game in the future

Exactly like Fortnite, also Apex Legends is catalysing the attention of data miners, always looking for information on content arriving within the game code. Their last discovery seems to be very interesting.

Apparently, references to different non-player characters have been found ( NPC non-player characters ), ie characters managed by the CPU and not directly controllable by the players. Judging by the strings of code found, these NPCs have names – Sarah Marvin Spider Specter Soldier etc. – and they are even able to use weapons and carry out melee attacks

Respawn Entertainment as you can easily imagine, has not confirmed any of this, so it is only possible to make some speculation. At the moment, Apex Legends' only NPC is present in the Tutorial, where it teaches players the basic mechanics of battle royale. According to some, then, these characters could be added just to the tutorial.

We do not feel to exclude, in any case, their possible arrival on the game map or in a dedicated mode. We want to remember, in fact, that the multiplayer maps of the Titanfall series, developed by the same studio, are populated by countless NPCs that participate in the battles in total autonomy. One of the most widespread minions is called BRD-01 Specter … coincidentally, one of the names appearing in Apex Legends files. Coincidenza?

We look forward to discovering new information about it. Meanwhile, data miners have also found clues about the arrival of a night mode, and weapons such as flamethrowers and turrets.

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