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Apex Legends: Respawn at work on crashes and cheating, but not on reconnections

Despite the huge success obtained, Apex Legends is certainly not a game free from defects and malfunctions. Respawn Entertainment who recognized some problems that affect the gaming experience, also knows it well, and promised that some improvements will come.

Mainly the players point to the crashes of the game, and above all on the cheater and against the latter the software house has already shown to want to apply the hard fist, since it has recently been announced the ban of over 355 thousand PC players through the anti-cheat.

Respawn has explained that he wants to continue fighting the clever working with experts both inside and outside EA, and adding the function of report on PC, although he did not want to overreach, to avoid anticipating their moves to the same cheater.

The software house is also working closely with AMD to improve the stability of the Battle Royale and general performance on the PC, for a gaming experience which aims to be as fluid as possible.

It seems, however, that Respawn has no intention, at least for the moment, to add the possibility of reconnection to a match. Although the community has proven itself to be in favor, according to the developers it could be the risk that some players abuse it, and therefore they consider it better to use their resources for other problems.

What do you think? Is this a fair assessment?

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