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Apex Legends: Respawn at work on ten new heroes?

As we know, new Legends will soon appear in Apex Legends: some dataminer analyzed the game's source code, discovering the existence of ten new characters for the Battle Royale by the authors of Titanfall.

Among the ten heroes in question we find Octane and Wattson, both already revealed by a previous leak, the first of which is arriving in March along with the Battle Pass Season 1 as part of the first season. A third character, Talchum apparently was part of the initial roster but was then discarded, but he seems ready to make his return …

We reiterate how the reported is only the result of leak and speculation, at the moment Respawn has not confirmed anything about the upcoming legends of the roster, the only certainty concerns the departure of the first season set for the month of March, probably already during this week.

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