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Apex Legends: the Battle Pass price revealed in advance?

According to the numerous rumors circulating these days, the launch of Season 1 of Apex Legends should by now be imminent and take place by the day of today 12 March. While we await an official announcement by Electronic Arts and Respawn on Origin the price of the expected Battle Pass could have been leaked in advance

you can see in the images attached at the bottom of this news, a user, while browsing in the EA store, came across a screen that leaves very little room for imagination. According to what can be read, the first Apex Legends Battle Pass will be offered at the price of 950 Apex Coins which in real currency equals exactly 9.50 euros. This is almost the same value as the Fortnite Battle Pass, sold at 950 V-Buck.

The image attached to the message also seems to confirm that the beginning of Apex Legends Season 1 will be accompanied by the debut of the new Octane Legend, which we have already learned about thanks to some leaks, and new weapons, among which could be included the rocket launcher and the flamethrower. For the moment we advise you to take this information with pliers, since it has not yet been officially confirmed by the interested parties.

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