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Apex Legends: the Battle Royale comes to life in a $ 200,000 event

YouTuber Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson decided to organize a real life battle royale, taking advantage of the Apex Legends format with personalities like Jaiden Animation, Valkyrae, Alex Wasabi .

MrBeast brought together the best YouTubers and Twitch streamer (like CourageJD, Pokimane and others), taken from various entertainment genres to compete in two games (from $ 100,000 each, assigned to the winning team) .

The YouTubers were divided into 13 teams ; each player had three balloons tied to the helmet, to simulate the health bars of the characters. The last standing team, of course, would have won the succulent jackpot.

The show was staged in a huge park equipped for the Los Angeles soft air, as you can see from the video attached to the news.

Sparse for the huge arena the organizers left 250 weapons for the players. MrBeast has also equipped each of their helmets with a GoPro to capture the highlights of the battle.

Obviously the event simulated everything throughout the action of a classic battle royale, from the teams that didn't they managed to recover weapons, at the ambushes up to the area that was progressively constricted by a special tape.

In the end, the green team composed of Anythony Padilla Odd1sout and Jaiden Animation took the victory in the first game. The second game was won by the Dark Green team consisting of Prestonplayz Unspeakable and Typical Gamer .

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