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Apex Legends: the best points from which to catch opponents by surprise

Grasping opponents by surprise is one of the best ways to win fights in Apex Legends. In this mini-guide we will show you some points on the map where you can take enemies off guard .

Shooting from the right position can give you a significant tactical advantage, and in most cases can make the difference between life and death. A very effective approach when engaging the enemies hiding in huts and houses is to try to shoot them from the cracks and openings of the walls and roof, rather than through the most obvious doors and windows.

Starting from this idea, a player from Apex Legends has discovered that two-story huts usually also have two roofs, and that where the two roofs meet there is almost always an opening through which it is possible shoot the enemies inside.

How and where to shoot through the cracks in Apex Legends

To surprise the enemies inside a hut you will have to identify the lower roof climb over it and then locate the small opening in the adjacent wall as you can see in the movie proposed in the opening. From there, it is very likely that the enemies inside will be visible and that there will be a good shooting line to hit them.

The best part of this tactic, at least for now, is that many players will be so busy holding eye windows, doors and more obvious openings, which will not think to cover themselves from that opening. This will allow you to seriously injure your opponents, and put them out of action before they can detect your presence.

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Of course, when you enter the huts, remember not to neglect these cracks so as not to make you catching off guard against opponents who want to use this strategy against you.

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