Apex Legends: the community is already crazy about Octane; transpire a new artwork


Octane has not yet made his debut and, to be honest, has not even been made official. And yet, the community is already crazy about him. According to many rumors will join the Legends roster of Apex Legends just in time for the start of Season 1.

According to information leaked, the announcement of Octane should take place in a few days , while the debut would be set for March 12, the day on which the first Battle Pass should also be launched. A stolen shot also allowed us to take a look at his abilities, which include the passive Swift Mend (initiates self healing when there is no damage), the tactic Adrenaline Junkie (increases the speed for 30 seconds at the price of 10% of energy) and the Ultimate Launch Pad (a platform that launches players in the air).

Judging by the reactions available on the net, the the character's look and his distinctive abilities have already won the consent of the players, who now can not wait to use it in battle. Meanwhile, a supposed Octane artwork has also been leaked online, which you can view at the bottom of this news. The Dailyesports website, which claims to have received it from an anonymous source, was published. What do you think?