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Apex Legends: the new Lifeline skin is available in the store

The Apex Legends shop continues to propose skins unpublished for the various legends available and, after seeing the scary Caustic costume, here comes one for Lifeline.

With the The shop's latest update was sold a camouflage for Spitfire, a popular light machine gun, and a costume for supportive heroin. In both cases you must be in possession of a legendary skin to be able to make the purchase .

Here below all the objects currently on sale:

  • Triple crown, legendary camouflage for Triple Take – 1.800 Apex Tokens
  • Death ray, legendary camouflage for Wingman – 1.800 Apex Tokens
  • Death from above, legendary camouflage for Spitfire – 1.800 Apex Tokens
  • Land control, legendary camouflage for Spitfire – 10.500 Token Legend (requires: Death from above)
  • Organized anarchy, legendary costume for Lifeline – 1.800 Apex Tokens
  • First aid, legendary costume for Lifeline – 10.500 Token Legend (requires: Anarchy organized)

We remind you that Tokens Legend can be obtained in fair quantities simply by advancing in level, while the Apex Tokens must necessarily be purchased through microtransactions. Season Pass holders can also get a minimum amount of coins by advancing in the season, but we are talking about a number of coins that is not high enough to buy an item in the store.

Did you know that with the next updates lobby and games could arrive personalized? It also seems that the hackers managed to get around the new ban system

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