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Apex Legends: the new patch enhances Caustic and Gibraltar; at the start a new event

Respawn Entertaiment has just published a new and important patch by Apex Legends which intervenes on the balancing of two characters – Caustic and Gibraltar – and many weapons.

In the attempt to equate the two large legends mentioned above to those with smaller dimensions, the developers have assigned both the new perk passive Colossus which reduces all damage received by 10%. Caustic also saw damage increase for tick of his Gas from 1 to 4 and the launch distance of his Ultimate from 28 to 33 meters. Gibraltar, for its part, now has a more effective Weapon Shield, as the health of the latter has been increased from 50 to 75.

There are also numerous modifications to weapons . At the Longbow the magazine was enlarged (from 5 to 6 bullets) and the rate of fire improved (from 1.2 to 1.6). The Havoc is now able to inflict more damage at close range (from 55 to 60) and from afar (from 45 to 50), and has a larger charger (from 25 to 32). Different destiny for Wingman, whose ammunition reserve increased from 6 to 4, and for Spitfire, whose basic damage increased from 20 to 18. In addition to this, the speed of the ship was increased 50%!

These are just some of the changes introduced. For all the others, we advise you to consult the complete changelog following the link below. To celebrate the release of the patch, Respawn Entertainment has launched a new event reserved for owners of the Apex Legends Battle Pass. From 19:00 today to the same time as April 18, those who manage to rank in the Top 5 will receive an entire level of the free pass (only for the first Top 5 of the day). Before saying goodbye, we would like to inform you that yesterday a new Lifeline skin arrived in the store.

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