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Apex Legends: the problem of cheaters rears, the complaints multiply

Cheating has gradually become a big problem in Apex Legends, going hand in hand with the growth of the community.

The videos that unmask the cheaters are multiplied online and, of course, the accusations of the players who report wrong behavior.

A Twitch partner streamer has been accused by users for apparently using illegal software in Apex Legends. [19659003] In recent days a video was published on Reddit that accuses the Argentine streamer " Mobados " of using unauthorized third party software. You can see it in the video, it's the first on the list.

The user who posted on Reddit states that the software you can see in the video would be " Aimlock " and " Norecoil ".

Aimlock is a tracking software that keeps the viewfinder locked on a moving target, while Norecoil virtually eliminates the recoil of weapons. Probably the streamer should not have a very clear conscience, since all the incriminating Twitch clips have been erased and all the spectators who advance the cheat hypothesis in the chat are banned.

Despite this, Twitch has renewed the partnership to Mobados. It remains to be seen whether Twitch and Respawn Entertainment will act against the streamer.

Respawn has recently announced comforting news on the subject, revealing that soon an in-game reporting system will be added to make it easier to report players using cheat and exploit.

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