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Apple: hundreds of millions of dollars of incentives to support Arcade?

According to journalists from the Financial Times and the rumors raised by one of their anonymous sources, Apple's top management intends to spend no less than 500 million dollars to actively support the Apple Arcade project.

Le sources from the authoritative US newspaper claim that the Cupertino giant has already activated for to encourage the most talented developers and the most successful software houses with incredibly advantageous agreements : rumors quantify them in "several million dollars for every single game" .

The terms of the agreement would be different and would include, for example, the publication on iOS systems in temporal exclusive and "Xbox Game Pass" formulas , with increasing incentives and benefits for companies that choose to embrace this formula and decide, in doing so, to grant their titles exclusively to Appl and to integrate them since the launch in the already rich toy library of the Apple Arcade service.

If the rumors regarding this particularly aggressive commercial strategy should prove to be true, then the project of Apple Arcade could really become the most bitter adversary by PS Now, Game Pass and Google Stadia, as Giuseppe Carrabba rightly points out in our special on Apple Arcade made on the sidelines of the presentation of the new service that will debut this fall in 150 countries (Italy included).

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