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Assassin & # 039; s Creed Unity will contribute to the reconstruction of Notre Dame?

The terrible fire of the Cathedral of Notre Dame threw millions of people into despair, aware of the immense artistic, religious and cultural heritage lost and of the time necessary to rebuild and restore what was damaged or destroyed by the flames of the stake on the 15th April.

In spite of the devastation caused by the fire and the collapse of the roof and the spire, the supporting structure of the Cathedral seems to have escaped destruction and leaves a small glimmer of hope for those who dream of a quick reconstruction of the main place of worship in Paris.

A decisive role in the delicate operations related to future restoration of Notre Dame could have Ubisoft: as underlined by several sites in the sector and by videogame community of forums like Reddit or ResetEra, the work done by the developers of Assassin's Creed Unity to give shape to Digital Paris of the controversial blockbuster roaming launched in November 2014 also concerned the Cathedral, from its interiors to the external structure.

On the sidelines of the commercialization of AC Unity, in fact, Caroline Miousse of Ubisoft reported having passed to the about two years to make some accurate three-dimensional scans of Notre Dame, recreating ingame "every single brick" of the French monument to offer a faithful representation to the players of the title who, precisely according to the visual realism, has recently returned to the fore with a touching initiative that has seen several users return to play it to pay homage to the Cathedral.

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