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Ubisoft announces first seasonal event of Year 3 of For Honor The Prior Black Counterattack, from 14 to 28 March on all platforms. The Black Prior Counterattack delves into the history of the Black Priors and the decisive role they play in the world of For Honor.

For the duration of the event, players will be able to experience a mode available for a limited period and get exclusive rewards. The new modality introduced during the event allows players of to relive one of the greatest battles of the War of Factions : the Battle of attrition. This 4-on-4 mode, available for a limited time, introduces an alternative version of the Domain mode with a unique set of rules. In Battle of Attrition the attackers gain points by conquering the side zones of the map. Each zone is worth 500 points and cannot be resumed by Defenders once conquered. Defenders get points for killing soldiers and opposing players. Both teams can take the main lane, which is worth 500 points. The first team to get 1,000 points breaks the enemy lines.

During the two weeks of the event, For Honor players will be able to complete themed daily orders that reconstruct the history of the Battle of Attrition from perspective of each faction. Furthermore, owners of the Marching Fire expansion will be able to take part in unique weekly missions in Arcade mode. The Prior Black Counterattack introduces various elements of personalization and themed rewards, including outfits, weapons, mood effects, gestures and ornaments. From March 14th to 28th it will also be possible to purchase the Prior's Counterattack Bundles, at a cost of 30,000 pieces of steel per hero. The price may vary depending on the items in the Bundle already in the players' possession.

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For Honor Year 3, the Year of the Messenger, will introduce new content throughout 2019, with new game events coming up in each season.

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