Auto Chess: the phenomenon becomes pocket-sized, eye to the global championship millionaire


The developer of Dota Auto Chess the phenomenon that, a few hours after its release could already count on millions of players (making Dota 2 jump on top of the Steam charts from the end of January), has announced the arrival of a mobile version thanks to an agreement with the Chinese mobile developer Dragonest.

The new mobile variation, according to the development study, will officially cut the umbilical cord that keeps it tied to Dota (let's not forget which is still a mod of dota 2) and will use unpublished characters.

At the moment we only know that Auto Chess Mobile will support both iOS and Android systems and allow players to play in cross-play .

Furthermore, the number of pre-registrations the view of the title debut has exceeded 100,000 units and will continue to grow. Drodo Studios has also announced a global championship with a prize pool of 1.49 million Dollars but has not provided any details on how the championship should take place or how players can qualify.

The game has seen a recent increase in interest in a potential export scene. In addition to numerous Chinese tournaments, Twitch hosted a $ 25,000 event as part of the Twitch Rivals series earlier this week.