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Battlefield 5 Firestorm: Guide to Battle Royale mode

Fire Storm Battlefield 5's new Battle Royale mode, is finally available to all players of the new DICE war FPS. In this Guide we will explain how it works, giving you some useful tips to best deal with it.

Play as a team or alone

In Storm of Fire 64 players battle on land, at sea and in the skies on the largest Battlefield map ever, threatened by a deadly circle of fire that tightens around them. This mode can be tackled in a four-player team or, if you prefer, relying solely on your strength. In both cases, team work will be a key element to overcome the surrounding enemies and threats.

Move continuously, loot and fight together . In Fire Storm there are no second chances: if you bleed to death or executed by an enemy, it will be the end for you and you will have no way to get back into the game. Rely on your allies for resuscitations, supplies, equipment exchanges and objective control.

In Fire Storm you can use any soldier of your company. Although in this mode all the advantages and roles of the classes are deactivated, you can use the aesthetic customizations that you have unlocked in the company.

Air Force Entrance

After a brief stop in the waiting room, you will soon find yourself flying over the map and you will have a few seconds to decide which area to land with your team. During the free fall, the reference points, refueling stations and the same Fire Storm will be visible on the map. On the minimap the position of your teammates is indicated, each identified by a different color to help you to distort them.

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Halvøy, the Fire Storm map

Halvøy is 10 times bigger than Hamada, at the moment the map wider among those available in Battlefield 5. This arena has 12 reference points where the best loot is concentrated. The fighting takes place mainly on land, but you can also use the surrounding sea or air space to gain tactical advantages.

Stay away from the Fire Storm

The only area warmer than the one you land on is the one of circle of fire that surrounds the entire map . A calamity that no soldier can survive. This "tsunami of fire" incinerates everything with which it comes into contact (buildings, soldiers and the ground on which they move), so stay away from it. The Fire Storm appears the instant the players take the field, progressively reducing the playing area of ​​the map. This dynamic pushes the soldiers towards a central zone, where the survivors are forced to an inevitable battle.

Go in search of loot

You will be empty-handed once you land on Halvøy, but by looting and plundering the enemies you can equip yourself with an increasingly powerful arsenal. In Fire Storm, each soldier has a modified inventory in which to insert a combination of weapons, ammunition and gadgets. All resources must be acquired directly on the battlefield . Space is limited: manage your inventory and share the loot with teammates.

Available weapons and gadgets

A selection of Battlefield 5 weapons is available in Fire Storm. Each weapon it belongs to a specific category which corresponds to a certain type of ammunition: rifle, shotgun, MMG, sniper rifle and machine gun. The weapons are also divided according to the rarity (common, rare, epic): the more rare a weapon, the more advantages it guarantees. The soldiers have two slots for primary weapons and a side weapon.

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Bouncing Betty, adhesive grenades and other Battlefield 5 gadgets are also available in Fire Storm, with some exclusive additions. Each soldier starts with four slots for the gadgets in the inventory: one for healing objects, one for grenades and two for whatever he finds during the game.

Backpacks can add up to six slots to increase the capacity of the inventory. In addition, all soldiers wear an upgradeable armored jacket that can be reinforced with up to three armored plates, based on its quality level. These plates protect against blows of some weapons and explosive damage.

Battle means, armored vehicles and transport

You will not be forced to flee the Fire Storm on foot. 17 types of vehicles are available in Fire Storm including tanks, helicopters, sports cars and even a tractor. All means of transport require fuel and will initially have limited quantities. This also applies to the ammunition of towable weapons. Fortunately, you can refuel using fuel tanks for vehicles and heavy vehicle ammunition for towable weapons.

Reinforcements for any soldier

In addition to flames and enemy soldiers, reinforcements are also a threat ( or a resource) to keep in mind. Every soldier can use special bengal spear scattered on the map to request powerful reinforcements . These include a targeted artillery attack and a precision V-1 rocket. Reinforcements can also support your team in the form of full-power booty-filled launches (like a fully powered Bren machine gun) or special-purpose vehicles.

To learn more about upcoming updates, check out the new roadmap of Battlefield 5 published by Electronic Arts and DICE.

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