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Battlefield 5: Mosquito and JU 88C aircraft in pairs with new weekly challenges

Tomorrow 7 March will kick off the last event of Chapter 2 of Battlefield 5 entitled Forza Unstoppable . The two scheduled weekly challenges will be awarded to the planes Mosquito FB Mk VI and JU 88C and will focus on the Corsa mode .

Corsa is a historical mode of the series revived in the last weeks in the large-scale Battle of Hannut. Starting tomorrow, it will be made available as a standalone mode, but only for a limited period. The attackers must arm two bombs before they run out of re-entry points, while the defenders are called to do their utmost to stop the saboteurs. Here are all the assignments of the two weekly challenges.

Weekly Challenge 1 (March 7-14)

  • Breaking Race : a Corsa turn;
  • Reaper : kill 30 enemies ;
  • Desperate Enterprise : kill five enemies in one life;
  • Demolition Specialist : Weapon or Disarm four objectives in Race, First Line or Air Force;
  • Ninety pieces : playing as a team, request five sector artillery or smokescreen reinforcements;
  • Guardian Angel : revive 20 teammates;
  • Aegida : inflict 500 points of damage using fixed weapons; 19659005] Bust of adrenaline : get 25,000 points in Race.

The final assignment will reward you with the very fast airplane Mosquito FB Mk VI (picture above), which can be specialized in different ways. With the configuration Tsetse can equip a six-pound anti-tank gun on the fuselage, while the traditional configuration provides rockets and bombs to increase the offensive potential against terrestrial targets.

Weekly Challenge 2 (14-21 March)

  • Guaranteed Effectiveness : Carry out five kills or killing assaults on enemies ;
  • Smoker : uses smoke five times;
  • Dirty Work : Get 2,500 points as a Doctor or Support;
  • Glory Seekers : Get 2,500 points as an Assault or Reconiter;
  • : Weapon a target in Run, Air Force or First line;
  • Well-stocked Garage : playing in team, request five reinforcement vehicles;
  • Steel Nerves : defuse three targets;
  • Spearhead : inflict 500 points of damage while you are in a vehicle;
  • Scrapping : Inflicts 250 points of damage to vehicles;
  • Successful Piromans : Destroy two objectives in Race, Air Force or First Line;
  • Inseparable Allies : revive or replenish teammates 25 times,
  • Well-oiled mechanism : playing in team, make 200 kills or team assistances;
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Completion of the last assignment will allow you to fly aboard the JU 88C (photo below), which can specialize in air-ground attacks on tanks by installing a 75 mm ventral cannon or mount butterfly bombs small bombs that plunge slowly useful for damaging and blocking the advance of enemies in a large area.

On March 21st, with the end of the Unstoppable Force event, the curtain will also fall on Chapter 2: Attacks Lampo by Battlefied 5 Immediately after it will take official Chapter 3: Proof of Fire . More details on this will be provided later.

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